Finally Button

Upvote button for your Blog/website

The Finally button has landed. With the simple embed code it is possible to include a Steem upvote button along with your content wherever it is used on the web. Just like Finally Comment threads you can create a button from any content that is posted on the Steem network.

For example the button below is linked to the latest update post for Finally Comments. The post here -

Authentication is controlled via Steemconnect. If a visitor is already logged into Finally via or via an embeded thread they will see a vote slider when clicking. If a visitor has not yet authenticated they will get a popup to connect with Steemconnect.

The idea behind the Finally button is to have it sit with(or replace) other social network interactions (Facebook Like, Tweet, Pintrest Share).

How To Generate A Finally Button

Access The Dashboard to quickly create buttons.

· Steem-posts - Create via your recent Steem posts. Login to Finally with the account you want to use and you will see a list of 10 most recent posts.

· Custom-threads Create a custom Button - Login to Finally and head to 'custom threads', first name and create a new thread and then generate a button from there.

· Generator Generate from any link - Find the relevant content on and use generator to create the button.

I hope you find the Finally button useful for you site ✌️