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HTML Embed

The HTML embed code can be used to embed comments from any STEEM blockchain based platform including,,,, and Finally can also create new threads that are not linked to previously posted content. To create new blank threads you must use the Finally dashboard.

Here is an example embed code. Copy/paste the below code to generate the comments thread on your website. You can change the URL to the relevant content.

Javascript Library

The Finally library is hosted on NPM & Github

npm i finallycomments -s

The library includes a number of helpful functions to include Finally Comments within your project. Create iframes, embed iframes directly or get external links to threads on

// loadFromSteemitUrl(steemitUrl, options)
import finallycomments from 'finallycomments'
let iframe = finallycomments.loadFromSteemitUrl('')
// directThreadLink(embedType, url, options)
import finallycomments from 'finallycomments'
let href = finallycomments.directThreadLink('steem', '')
let link = `<a href="${href}">Check out this discussion we has on Steem yesterday</a>`

View full readme on NPM or Github

Finally Dashboard

The fastest way to make use of Finally is to login to the dashboard.

Generate embed code for comment threads from any STEEM based content.

Create new custom comment threads powered by STEEM

Connect your website to make use of the API.


Examples of Finally Comments Online

*Please message to have your site added.