A Blockchain Powered Comments System

Finally is a comments system for your website that is powered by the STEEM blockchain. The STEEM blockchain is a unique piece of technology that allows content creators to receive a share of weekly token rewards.

Finally is a competitor to the current status quo of comments sytems that are rife with tracking and advertisment. Finally aims to provide monetisation to blogs and foster discussions with the incentives the STEEM blockchain provides.

Get Rewards

On the surface Finally works similar to other comments systems you've used before both for developers and end users. A HTML embed and a javascript library are provided for developers, while users see a typical threaded comments section with the ability to reply and upvote both the main article and other comments.

Upvotes are what make Finally different. On Finally upvotes are not just for ranking or vanity but provide users with token based rewards. Learn more about STEEM and how rewards are distributed by reading the STEEM Blue Paper.

Extra Details

When commenting on Finally comments you are interacting with the STEEM blockchain and therefore need a STEEM account. STEEM accounts can be setup for free via steemit.com. Signup here to try it out.

Finally Comments is not intended to replace, compete, supersede any other platforms that run on STEEM. Each platform is able to display content from the STEEM platform however they wish.

Finally is open-source software. The code is available on Github. You are welcome to clone or fork the code as well as create issues.

♥ Thank you to the community of Utopian.io for providing support and valuable feedback while working on this project.

Frequently Asked Questions